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Working models:

Toroidal propulsor. For example reversing elastic toroidal shell of the conical shape 2 meters long.
When pressuerized flow is supplied (0,05 - 0,1 kG/cm2 vacuum cleaner) it is reversing creating pulling force of 500 kG.

Transport vehicles of high crosscountry ability

Loading and transportation of cargo on weak bearing surfaces (bog, snow, ice, sand and so on)

Heavy-load transport vehicle

Loading and transportation of objects of large mass and dimensions

Pipeline transport

Cargo transportation along the pipes, cargo is introduced into torus and coupled with loaded or not loaded torus

Gravitational container

Cargo transportation in a torus moved autonomously on inclined surfaces (e. g., earth surface) or rigid and soft (nets) shoots

Lifting and pulling devices(portable and movable lifts, jacks, towers, winches)

Lift and transportation of people and cargo with torus devices having, for example, cylindrical or conical form


Formation of straight or shaped channels, for example, in products made of concrete


Lift of one-section shell of a mast to set height at a controlled velocity

Lifting device

Controlled inclination, for example, of a platform for its unloading

Movable support of a pipe length

Pipelines mounting including mounting on weak bearing surfaces


Pressing of profile articles, for example, from sheet material


Transportation, storage and unloading of cargo in a container, including the substances, which cannot be stored together

Load-grasping device, the introduction of handler robot

УSoftФ grasping and holding fragile, easy destroyable objects, regardless of their form, with a controlled force (for example, glass articles, vegetables, products with polished surface and so on)

Mountable-dismountable washing device

Cleaning (washing) and wringing, of for example, fabrics, films, porous materials

Device to deliver cargo pneumo supported and other constructions

Controlled loading of liquid or loose substances, for example, through upper part of construction

Device for fuel feed

In-flight refuelling of aircrafts

Device for discharge of load from aircraft

Discharge of a cargo from an aircraft flying at an extremely low altitude

Docking device

Contact and damping of joint oscillations, aligning, tightening together, docking and undocking spacecrafts by means of one device. Possibility to move from one spacecraft into another one without intermediate chambers

Thermos flask, sleeping bag


Hydropneumodriving mechanism

Producing reciprocating and, simultaneously, rotary motion, for example, in mixers of liquid mediums


Transportation of cargo with controlled displacement direction

Toy УCorgeФ, imitation, masking

Soft toroidal toy changing its appearance, fixing its parts in various positions and swaying

Various models of piston mechanisms


Shock-absorbing and damping device

Regulation of shock-absorbing and damping effect, for example, in transport vehicles

Reversible impact device

Pile driving. Destruction and disintegration of materials. Generation of reciprocating and vibrational effect

Transport vehicle "Mukhtar" (the reversing mechanism is inside the shell)

From the point of view of practicability and trajectory of movement "Mukhtar" is close to a dog, a snake, fish ets.

"Soliton" ("Biosoliton")

Simulation of soliton mechanism to be used for example in convertion of ocean waves' energy into electrical one.





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