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Appearance of TORE TECHNOLOGIES is comparable with such inventions as wheel, nut-screw etc. Technical and economical superiority of Tore Technologies based devices and mechanisms over traditional analogs is evident. All stages of creating Elastic Engenering based mechanisms (according to the information available, there is no similar device now except Process Phoenix method for internal facing of pipelines), from formulation of invention to making production model, its operation and maintenance, are of absolute novelty. It causes development of great number of patents, know-how and other knowledge.

The international information and patent search carried out in Russia revealed that all basic inventions confirmed by functioning models (about 20) were created within the period since 1966 till 1982, mostly in Russia by Kozhevnikov R.Z. In the USA, France and other counries, this process was random and solitary (5 inventions at most).

Elastic Engenering is a new step in the development of mechanical engineering, thus it is impossible to patent all tore based mechanisms, which can be used in various areas of human activity. It reguires millions of US dollars. At present we possess a great amount of materials worth patenting.