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Transportation facilities to operate heavy and large-size objects over the earth and water surfaces as well as under water.

Rigging facilities to operate heavy and large-size objects.

Transportation facilities with enhanced cross-country ability specifically designed to move over weak bearing surfaces under extreme conditions with specific pressure onto the bearing surface not greater than 10 000.0 Pa (0.1 kG/cm2) and pressure of flowing medium in shell not greater than 10 000.0 - 30 000.0 Pa (0.1 - 0.3 kG/cm2).

Pipeline transportation facilities.

Multipurpose elastic toroidal containers for storage, transportation, mobile loading/unloading of petroleum products, gaseous fuel and other flowing medium.

Self-contained power stations of various capacity converting the energy of waves and ocean tides, wind energy, temperature and pressure difference in the atmosphere and ocean.

Pneumatic tore casing for fast erection of constructions, including those with complicated bionic shape, and lifting mechanisms to put it into operation; Impact and depressing devices, pile pullers; Lifts; Facilities to erect masts and tower constructions; Press equipment to shape preset roofing; Support for pipeline mounting.

Technical facilities for handling carriers with silicon wafers in VLSI production; Technical facilities for transportation of reactive liquids; Units of cluster equipment.

Test and diagnostic stands to determine the characteristics of materials of shells for simulation in tore devices and machines.

Launching systems; Speed multipliers; Devices for in-flight fuel transfer; Docking systems; Transport systems for travelling on other planets; Landing systems; Rescue and life secure systems and so on.

New projects and technical means for circus performances, games, sport, attractions, TV-shows, advertisement, fantastic and animated moviesetc.

Medical tools for: assisted respiration and cardiac massage; hemostasia and provisional bandages; immobilization of damaged parts of the body (fractures, dislocations) during transportation; emergency asistance in case of compression and crushing of limbs, at burns, frost-bittens, drowning etc; moving, carrying over and transporting of the victims (scaffolding and transportation); entrance and extrusion of various things to and from the human body; multi purpose suckers; hot water bags, urinals, multi purpose vessels, cups, thermostats, filters, altitude chambers etc, special beds and other medical means, sleeping bags, washing machines; simulators, massagers, special garments etc.

These tools can be used together with various medicine means, bandages, which can be incorporated into the material structure of the shell, central and peripheral bodies.

"Spare parts" (prosthesis) for a human being arms legs etc - bio mechanics or robots' parts.

Self-intruded suppository, tablets, ampoule, pads etc.

Self-dressed clothes, shoes, covers, protective and camouflage stores.

The biggest (huge) thermometer, clock, barometer, display, panels video screen etc. ( worth mentioning in Guinness Book).

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